Friday, 22 April 2016


This poem is inspired the idea of an AU where you see everything in black and white until you meet your soulmate.

You told me to look
At the sky
And see how pretty
The blue was
I looked up
Expecting grey tones
But saw a brilliant blue
And I gasped
In surprise.
You smiled
Taking my hand
In yours,
You told me there’s
Colour to be found
in everything.
I didn’t mean to
But I laughed aloud
At the thought.
Colour in this grey world?
It was a childish notion.
But you didn’t
Look hurt
You just smiled again,
I’ll show you the colours
You promised me.
I looked into your eyes
And saw that you meant it,
And crazy as it seemed
I believed you,
Because that’s what
Love is.

-Kiya (24-03-16)

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Saturday, 12 March 2016

Anxiety in the classroom

I know people who physically cannot give a speech in front of a class because it causes too much stress on them and results in a panic attack. These people get told by both teachers and students to, ‘stop being silly’ and to ‘just get over it’, but it’s not that easy.

A large number of students in NZ schools and all over the world suffer from anxiety. For those students school life can be very difficult especially if it’s social anxiety they’re dealing with.

As someone who suffers from anxiety it can seem like teachers don’t consider these sorts of issues when setting tasks. Like, take speeches for example. Teachers make you write a speech about a chosen topic and then expect you to deliver it to a class full of people. It would be much better for students to be given the option to either present it to the class or to present it to just the teacher. This would prevent a lot of students from having panic attacks over speeches, and presenting work to the class.

Even worse is when your anxiety is dismissed for laziness or just being shy. Being shy is different to anxiety. Being shy usually just means that you don’t much like situations that you have to talk in or you could just be quiet and prefer not to talk to people where possible.

However bad the speeches can be, for me, the worst thing a teacher can do is choose our groups, making us work with people we don’t know, don’t talk to, or don’t usually work with. One of my teachers likes to hand out playing cards and the group is made up of the people who have the same number as you. She also purposely makes sure that the people sitting at the same table as you have different cards to you. This is frustrating because I sit with the people I can work with and whoever I chose for my group would be able to work with me. But also, there is a reason I don’t sit, talk to or work with these people and it just gets me stressed and anxious when I have to work with them.

The main issue with having anxiety in school is that some teachers just don’t seem to care. I have told teachers that I have anxiety, and therefore find these situations difficult, and they told me I’d just have to deal with it. It’s the same with depression and other mental illnesses like that. They make it seem like school also has to come ahead of both mental and physical health and this needs to change. However important your education is, the school staff and students need to understand that you come first. Your mental health is very important and the world needs to understand this instead of just dismissing it.

Monday, 8 February 2016

School's back and I'm already over it!

The school year has officially started, and you know what that means! Teachers forcing us to play ridiculous 'getting to know you' games. We've all had our fair share of them, starting in primary with the "tell us your name and your favourite ice cream." As we get older it changes to "name, age, and one fact about yourself." These sorts of interactions are bad enough as it causes you to be put on the spot which usually results in forgetting everything you know about yourself, but also often causes the year to get off to an awkward start. 

From my experience as a pupil I know that majority of students dread these 'introductions' and the teacher announcing it usually follows with a chorus of groans, and yet they still do it. Even more frustrating are the 'Human Treasure Hunts' and having to introduce the person next to you. To be perfectly honest I'm pretty sure that most people don't care who the person next to them is at first, they came to learn, and they'll usually get to know them within a couple days to a week anyway.

This gets worse as you get to High School because the teachers claim that these pointless facts help them to get to know you or help them remember your name, and then they spend the next three months forgetting your name anyway. After the first year, you know majority of the people in your year, and assuming you stay at a steady level throughout your High School years you'll always know the majority of your classmates anyway. 

I started year 11 last Friday and so far over two school days, six of my seven classes have done introductions like this of some sort. These introductions have included:

  • getting into groups and introducing each other
  • telling the class your name and favourite historical character
  • drawing a fact about yourself and having someone else attempt to introduce it
  • writing a Facebook meme
  • a number of self introductions

Don't get me wrong, I think student/teacher relationships are super important as it makes it much easier for the teacher to both manage you as a student and manage your learning. And on the student side of the relationship, it makes you feel more comfortable in the classroom and makes it easier to go to your teacher for help. Despite this, the first day doesn't do much towards this relationship.

I have spent two six hour days at school so far this year and yet have learnt nothing due to the majority of classes being taken up by introductions and class rules that we already know. I don't understand why teachers seem to think it necessary to do introductions in this way, they learn the students names while taking the roll anyway and what does how many siblings they have, or what their favourite sport is have to do with anything? 

Speaking to a room full of random students can be quite a terrifying thing to do on your first day, especially if you are shy or deal with social anxiety. I find myself rehearsing saying 'here' in my head as the teacher comes up to my name in the roll for fear I'll mess it up, so being put on the spot to say something personal about myself is something I loathe entirely. 

This is just my opinion on the matter, however if you share my views, or have a totally different opinion about this please comment and let me know what you think :-) 

Monday, 31 March 2014

Dissecting (again)

Forget what I said last time! This science class was better by far! We were dissecting a lambs lungs, heart and windpipe. 
We started by removing the heart.
Then we slit the windpipe open,
Then we cut the heart open.
And then we discovered that one of our lungs was split, so we cut off the bottom
Then we cut off the other lung
And then we cut that open along one side so that we could look at that end. By then my iPod was away, so I don't have any photos of that bit. But this one was way more fun then the last. Any pics that have hands with no gloves in them, are me; I didn't feel like wearing gloves.

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Dissecting cows eyes

Science class yesterday was the best yet! I'd been looking forward to it all week. We dissected cows eyes! (Quick warning, if you tend to feel a bit queasy around these things then I suggest that you leave, as photos will be included). Our science teacher explained step by step of what we had to do, starting with cutting all of the excess off of the outside.
Once that was finished, we had to cut it down the middle so that we could get inside it.
Once we had succeeded in doing that, we then had to find the lens. A lot of gooey stuff came out.
Eventually we managed to find the lens in all that mess
After that, we had to try and find the black bit with the pupil hole in the middle.
Though, ours kind of broke.
After that we had to turn the eye inside out to find the retina. 
Eventually we managed it.
After that, to the disgust of the boys in the group beside us, I took off my gloves and held the eye, because I wanted to know what it felt like.
Honestly, it felt a little weird. Well that was the end of our science class. It was heaps of fun, and I hope we get to do it again sometime.